Welcome to the website of Marine Breeding Systems GmbH!

Marine Breeding Systems GmbH is specialised in the planning, development and construction of individual components and systems to simulate the natural processes in a mesocosms, particularly for research and breeding purposes.

Special tasks require tailor-made solutions.

Are lighting solutions with precisely specified spectrums required?

Are you searching for a LED-light with 0% flicker effect?

Is it necessary to determine the ideal photoperiod for a larvae species?

Do you need to simulate an annual temperature curve?

Would you like to modify your current lamps to dimmed lights?

Is a moonlight simulation that lives up to its name required?

Do you need an efficient, larvae preserving, easy to clean larvae collector?

Please ask us, we will gladly find the solution for your Problem.

…and if no solution is available, we will develop it together with you, for you!